Best Mortgage Rate in Moncton on Refinance 

Use your Home Equity to consolidate some debt or to make some renovations. Our access to different lenders will help you achieve your goals faster. There are no age limit as compare to some lenders! 

Mortgage refinancing options

  • Consolidate debts that have higher interest rate. Most of unsecured debts have higher interest rate. Consolidating them into one payment will reduce your monthly payments

  • Make some renovations that you never had the chance to. Upgrades on your house will not only increase your value, it can also reduce your heating costs. 

  • Buy another Property. You can use the Equity in your house to purchase another property. Instead of using all your funds, you can simply refinance and use your equity to come up with the closing costs. 

Want to know your payment? 

What is the process and how long can it take?

The first step is to fill in an application. Once it is completed, an agent will communicate you the list of documents required by the lender. This list will vary depending on the work type and also on what lenders we are using. Some lenders will ask for an appraisal and some won't. That depend on the value needed. 

The whole process can take 2 to 3 weeks depending on a few factors.