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Private Mortgage

The use of private Mortgage has never been greater. Unflexible bank and lenders created the need to use untraditional lending solutions to help out customers. There are different reason why we use private loans. It could be the credit, the property value or the scenario that the lenders are not used to deal with. Every situations are unique so please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can help. 

Bad Debts


Credit Rebuild

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Use our lenders to pay off some bad debts and clean yout credit


Increase your equity with our renovations program


Start fresh with our credit rebuilt program

  • What is the minimum down payment required?
    The minimum down payment or equity requirement when dealing with either private lenders or B lenders is usually 30%- 35%. In some case where the property is situated in town, we have been able to approve some with 25% down payment but they are on a case by case.
  • What is the minimum credit score required?
    With B lenders, the minimum beacon score is in the 500 range. The main criteria to qualify with our alternative program is the equity in the property. I have been able to approve clients with 440 Beacon score with private lenders. When there is enough equity, we have a better chance of approval.
  • Can I pay Judgements with the Alternative Lenders?
    The Alternative Lending program is there to pay; 1. Judgements 2. Collections 3. Canada Renevu Agency 4. Unfinish Renovations And more.
  • How long can it take to rebuild my credit?
    After paying off some debts or applying for new credit, it is really important to be on time with any payments that will show up on the credit. It can take 1 year to build a strong credit and it can also take up to a few years to re-build a strong credit after delinquencies on the credit. It is on a case by case. Contact me to make sure you do the proper steps.
  • Should I declare bankruptcy ?
    Going into a bankruptcy can be avoided depending on your situation. If you have equity in your house, we can consolidate some debts and avoid it. But in some case you don't have the choice. You can still keep your house and mortgage while going into a bankruptcy. I strongly suggest not to let your property go because it will be hard to purchase a new one after. A lot of lenders won't lend if there was issues with a Mortgage.
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