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Our client always get lower rates with us than at their own bank!

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5 year - closed fixed rate as low as


**Our rates are subject to change at any time so make sure to get your pre-approval in place to save this super rate! Apply now by phone or online 

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Payment example

based on 25 years amortization and every 2 week 

$100,000 - $204.32 /2 week

$200,000 - $408.64 /2 week

$300,000 - $612.96 /2 week 

$400,000 - $817.29 /2 week

$500,000 - $1,021.61 /2 week

Why deal with a Mortgage Broker?

Not only we will find you the best rate, but we also offer a personalized service and ongoing support after your mortgage transaction closes. We are not looking to sell you credit card or product that you already have and also not looking to get a promotion to leave your file with a rookie. Being commission based mean that we will try our best to make sure you are approved and if you can't get approved now, we will advise you on what to do to get approved. Remember, our goal is the same as you. We want you to get your mortgage. 

Remi Doiron 


Remi Doiron - Mortgage Broker

Moncton NB - Tracadie NB